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About Ecobone

We are Ecobone! We want to do more than a simple manufacturer can do. We want to be part of a community.

A community where respect for animal life comes first. A non-negotiable principle. Our products are vegetable origin.

Our employees love animals unconditionally. And they put all of their care into the production of our products. After all, their pets are also part of our community.

A community where nature is preserved. Our factory has clean and sustainable energy. We hope to be working towards a better planet.

Do you love your pets? Are you against any kind of cruelty to animals? Are you looking for healthy and natural options for your pets?

Then please accept our invitation and join us.
Ecobone Support

Ecobone Support
Help for Homeless Pets

We support and deliver our products, free of charge, to several animal shelters.

For us, it doesn't matter if they have a breed or not. Pets are pets, and stray animals will always be our concern.

We know that our contributions are like a drop in the ocean, but all of the help we give, every single dog that we are helping to have a little nourishment and joy, matters a lot. We do this from the North to the South of Brazil.


Yes, our factory is in the South of Brazil.
Brazil, by the way, which is a true agricultural power and already feeds more than 10% of the world's population and also has an ultra-advanced technology in agribusiness.

Our company wanted to come to the United States mainly because it is a big market, by far the biggest in the world in terms of pets, but also because it has a very large community of people who also thinks like us.

In our first stage, we set up an office in Florida. Our future projects are to prepare the final product and then start producing on American soil. And to generate jobs here as well.

After all, for us, it doesn't matter the breed, it doesn't matter if pets "understand" English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German or Spanish. Pets are pets and we are Ecobone.

We use this phrase a lot - We are Ecobone! It means a lot to us. It represents us is one expression, respect for the environment and animal life.

We like to say that our products are the reward for your pets. The time to give them their rewards for doing good things. The time to see their smile and joy. As if they knew everything that is in our principles too, besides the flavor. Our product is tasty and has huge acceptance among pets. It does not mean that because it is natural, it is not tasty. Our product is both.
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